Gas Fireplaces & Stoves

Enjoy the convenience of a gas fireplace, gas insert or free-standing gas stove while adding value and heat to your home. White's Barbecue & Fireplace Centre has an option for all tastes and budgets.

Zero Clearance Gas Fireplaces

If you are looking for a gas fireplace with a large viewing area, a zero clearance gas fireplace is for you. Designed for installation during new home construction or a renovation, zero clearance gas fireplaces require framing and finishing work.

Gas Inserts

If you have an existing open wood burning masonry fireplace, this is the option for you. Depending on the space you have to work with these units tend to have a smaller glass viewing area than their zero clearance counterparts but can be just as efficient a heater.

Free-Standing Gas Fireplaces

A great addition to any space, free-standing gas stoves can be installed as an efficient zone heater with minimum finishing work required.

Gas Logsets

If you have an open wood burning masonry fireplace and are just looking to get the look of a gas fireplace and a large flame without much efficiency, this is the option for you. Although these units are less expensive to install initially they can be very costly to run as a heat source and are not considered an efficient zone heater.

Certified Installers

No matter which option you choose, White's Barbecue & Fireplace Centre has WETT certified installers for wood installations and qualified service technicians for gas fireplace service and installations.

If you have any questions, contact us or even better, visit us at our showroom so one of our experts can help find the right gas fireplace or stove for you.


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